25 MAY 1850, Page 9



The French Funds have been in a continued state of improvement during the week ; the closing price of the Five per Cents in Paris yesterday being 8915, or nearly 3 per cent higher than the quotation of that day week. It is hence inferred that no very serious consequences will result from the mis- understanding between our own and the French Government. Console ad- vanced OR Tuesday to 96, and have since fluctuated between that price and

; closing today at 951 1 for Money and 95t for Account.

All the Foreign Stocks rallied with the improvement of the Consol Mar- ket. Russian Four-and-a-half Stock and Scrip, Danish Stock, Dutch Four rphGents and Two-and-a-half per Cents, had all reached quotations within per cent of those at which they were current before the recent decline. The demand has been principally confined to Russian Securities ; which have been much sought after, and in which some large transactions have oc- curred: business in the others has been limited. Prices have all given way slightly this afternoon, with the decline of the English Funds. An ar- rival of 71,000 dollars on account of the Mexican Dividends, accompanied by intelligence of the favourable reception by Congress of the new plan for the conversion of the Debt, has given an improved value to the Bonds of the re- public, which advanced to 311; but the quotations of this afternoon are lower—namely, 301 f ; South American Securities of all kinds have been

b i

'but little dealt in, and the transactions in them unimportant. The same remark will apply to the Peninsular Bonds ; the business bath in Portuguese and Spanish Stocks having been insignificant.

The Railway Share Market has been firm, and a gradual improvement ob- servable during nearly the whole week ; the prices of most of the principal shares have been from 11. to 2/. higher. A slight tendency to depression was observable this afternoon, and prices were nominally rather lower. The French Shares have recovered the decline they have lately experienced, and today's quotations are nearly the same as those of Thursday week.


The improvement of nearly per cent that occurred in the French Funds in Paris yesterday has not produced any effect here ' • Console and the Eng- lish Stocks generally being at the quotations of yesterday. The transactions of the morning have hitherto been unimportant. The same remark applies to the Foreign Funds, of which many of the quotations given below must be considered merely nominal. The Railway Share Market is without material change ; the following being the only bargains as yet recorded—Eastern Counties, 71; Great Northern 7; Leeds and Bradford, 951; South-western, 611; Midland, 341; North Staffordshire, 71 ; South-eastern, 14; Great North of England Purchase, 11 ; York and North Midland, 161. SATURDAY Two o'CLooc.

Scarcely any business of moment has occurred, and the English Funds have been steady. during the whole day at the morning's quotations. The business in the Foreign Market has been unimportant, as the following meagre list of actual transactions will show—Mexican, 34 ; Peruvian Deferred, 324 / 1; Portuguese 1824, 851; Russian Scrip, 21 premium ; Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cents, 551 6; Dutch Four per Cents, 851. The Share Market is rather heavier. The following are the principal bargains recorded—Aberdeen, 71; Bristol and Exeter, 63 4; Ditto Thirds, 12 dis.; Caledonian, 8 ; Ditto New 101. Preference, 5/ ; East Lancashire, 74; Great Northern, 7 61; Great Western, 54-2 5 4,1 ; Ditto New, 171, 74 7; Lancashire and Yorkshire Fifths, + 4; London and Blackwall, 4/ 1 ; London and North-western, 1031 3; Ditto New Quarter-shares, 111 4; Ditto Fifths, 111 ; London and South-western, 611; Midland, 341 4; Ditto 501. Shares, 21 ; North British, 71 a ; North Staffordshire, 7a 1; Scottish Central, 14 1; South-eastern and Dover, 14 131; Ditto No. 3, 131; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 134 4 a ; Ditto Extension, 81 ; Ditto G. N. E. Purchase or Pre- ference, 1/ 1; I ork and North Midland, 16/ a a ; Namur and Liege, 7 1 ; Rouen and Barre, 8.

3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3per Cent Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock Exchequer Bills India Stock Brazilian 5 per Cents Belgian 41 per Cents Chilian 6 per Cents

Danish 5 per Cents

954 3 951 a

94• ' 964 i

8 3-16j 2061 74 67 70 — 86 8 86 7 97 99 97 8 Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents Mexican S per Cents 1846 Peruvian 6 per Cents Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842 Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824 Russian 5 per Cents Ditto 41 per Cents Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 Venezuela 70 72 551 6


30 1 76 7 33 34 84 6 106 8 — 17 4 374 38 31 4