25 MAY 1850, Page 9

The leaffing incident of news in the morning prints is

an attempt to as- sassinate the King-of Prussia. The King and Queen were about to leave Berlin on the 22d instant, for the palace of San Souci, but were detained It'short time at the station, for the preparation of the train. As they were leaving one of the side rooms to enter the carriage, a man in the uniform of an Artillery at the Guard came close, and fired a pistol as it were into his Majesty's brenst, The King:is exceedingly short sighted, and at a few feet farther off the assassin would not have been seen by him ; but as the man came within his vision, and raised the pistol, the King turned very swiftly so as to put his body out of the line of the ball, and thus, by what was little more than an instinctive gesture, saved his life. The ball passed close to his breast, • ripping his coat, and tore open the flesh of his arm just below the elbow ; but did no more serious damage. The man was instantly seized. &doctor, who was passing in a. phaeton, dressed the wound, and soon after the- King's own surgeons pronouneed that it was not a grave one. -The King returned to Charlottenburg within an hour from the mishap ; and a telegraphic despatch of the next day (23d) an- nounces that the -wound had caused no unfavourable symptoms.

The man who thus attempted to take the King's life is Max Sefeloge, thirty-one years old, a native of Potsdam, who was brought up in the Potsdam Asylum for Soldier's Sons, and has served in the artillery, but was discharged as a lunatic. He imagines that he is the inventor of chocolate and gun-cotton; and is believed to have been exasperated by the King's non-attention to petitions for assistance to found a colony in the Beylik of Tunis. This is the second escape the King has had : Tschech, the would-be assassin of 1844, was beheaded at Spandau.