25 MAY 1867, Page 1

The Tinter is mistaken in supposing that those who proposed

this amendment objected to the exception of the case of mutual agreement between owner and occupier. On the contrary, both Mr. Hodgkinson and Mr. Gladstone expressly assented to this exception, —though Mr. Hodgkinson now proposes to abolish it altogether. It might have been simpler and less open to jealous political interpreta- tions, if the "economical advantage"of compounding had been sacri- ficed absolutely to the political advantage of voting in all Parlia- mentary boroughs. But as far as we understand Mr. Disraeli's provisions, they completely carry out Mr. Gladstone's proposal of yesterday week. They make the rating of the occupier the rule in all Parliamentary boroughs, but they leave power to owner and occupier, after a joint demand in writing, to have the owner rated as before,—the occupier, of course, in that case resigning all claim to a vote.