25 MAY 1867, Page 1

We have noticed Mr. Lowe's speech of Monday elsewhere, but

must mention here that it was one of the most eloquent he ever delivered. In one burst, in which he expressed his wonder how the Squires could vote for Democracy he surpassed himself :— " You, the gentlemen of England; you, with all you have at

stake ; you, with your ancestry behind you and your posterity before you, with your great estates, with your titles, with your honour, with your state of, every kindawith the. amount of im- perial prosperity and happiseas,tof dignity and honeurarschich Tot* have enjoyed for thelast.'200. yaws, suchnissever lore fl toltlai lot of any class in the woilld —you will fling-all this away witlitext; as far as I can see, the shadow of an equivalent of any kind Splendid as the speech was, it was coldly received. The Liberals of courae .did not like it, and the Tories, who did, felt the ab- surdity Of 'their' position far too strongly to cheer. Even at the close there was no general applause, sueli as has been wont to do]1ow.blr. Lowe.