25 MAY 1867, Page 21

Gulliver's Travels. By Jonathan Swift. A new edition. Carefully edited

by a Clergyman.—Pope's Poetical Works. With Life and Notes by the Rev. J. Luptou. (Tegg.)—These two volumes are decidedly handy, and suit the eye as well as the pocket. The notes to the edition of Pope are concise, but to the point. Gulliver is purged of "those gross indelicacies which in many places disfigure this travels,' and the work is presented in such a state that it may with confidence be sub- mitted even to the perusal of children." This of course is the meaning of "carefully edited by a Clergyman," though if the clerical status of the editor be a guarantee, the Decanal dignity of the author ought to have rendered such care superfluous.