25 MAY 1867, Page 3

The importations of the precious metals having been very ex-

tensive, and the demand for gold for export purposes limited, all Home Securities have been dealt in somewhat freely this week, and a further advance has taken place in the quotations. On Mon- day, Consols for money opened at 92, and closed at 93 to 93i; yesterday, the price for transfer was 931, 1; for account, 91/, /, ex. div. ; Reduced and New Three per Cents., 91i, ; Exchequer Bills, 22s. to 26s. premium ; India Bonds, 55s. to 60s. premium ; India Five per Cents, 111/ to 1121. The dealings in the Foreign House and Railway Share Market have been only moderate ; prices, however, have been steadily on the advance. Money has been in fair request, at 21, 1 per cent. for the best short commer- cial paper. The stock of bullion in the Bank of England is now 19,664,0681.; and in the Bank of France, 32,763,3731.