25 MAY 1867, Page 3

There really is no end to Mr. Beales! The man

has been writing to Count von Bismarck—who would shoot a Prussian Beales without hesitation—congratulating him on his share in establishing univer- sal suffrage in North Germany. The Prussian Premier, of course, replies very civilly, hopes that by and by all the nations of Europe will emulate one another in the arts of peace, and thanks the League for its flattering appreciation of his character. Well, there is One good at least in Household Suffrage. It will put an end to all this nonsense, which turns decent Liberals sick, and tempts them to wish that Mr. Beales, a quiet worthy man enough when is not acting Cade-Lafayette, would just go to Berlin, and get up a Hyde Park riot. The consequences would sober him for life.