25 NOVEMBER 1955, Page 49

WEED CUTTING Mr. H. S. Whitehead, of Sea House, Kessing-

land Beach, Lowestoft, sent me an implement he has invented for cutting weeds without the strain and backache involved in the unskilled use of a scythe, sickle or other tool requiring much bending and straightening. It is some- thing like a golf club and the instructions for its use are to swing and follow through. The blade is a piece of spring steel and anyone who has ever whacked away at vteeds with the crook of a walking stick should take a delight In handling the tool. It cuts as well as a sickle with the great benefit of allowing the user to remain upright. I have spent many days cutting Weeds that threaten to engulf the cottage and not a few hours recovering from the un- natural exertion, for although I pretend to be a mower it is at least twenty-five years since I used a scythe on standing corn or hay. I was delighted to find an easy way of cutting weeds and, as with most sound and essentially simple things, I wonder why I did not think of invent- ing it myself !