25 OCTOBER 1940, Page 13

THE WIDENING WAR Sta.—Please allow me to emphasise some of

the difficulties mentioned in your leader "The Widening War." The Chancellor of the Exchequer estimates our present war expenditure at L9,000,0001 day. The position and actions of Soviet Russia are, as you admit, of incalculable significance for the course and result of the war.

Yet our Government haggles over the £4,000,000 (four million sterl- ing) of the former Baltic States; and the Ministry of Shipping has gone out of its way to detain ten ships whose crews had accepted the Soviet rigime.

Nazi diplomacy, though deplorable, is comprehensive and often, alas! highly effective. What shall be done with British officials who minor, even now, resist pin-pricking and nagging the Soviet Union? Of course, we know there were British investments in the Baltic States, Just as there were in Finland! But is there not such a thing as penny- " wisdom " which is pound-foolish? Or are we—at this juncture--tq bc summoned to a—" Crusade" (save the mark!)—for the recovery Of sums that would not finance our war effort for more than a day?—