25 OCTOBER 1940, Page 2

From Bulgaria to the Aegean ?

Yugoslavia is fully alive to all the dangers, but it is difficult to see how she could put up a serious resistance if Italy or Germany decided to march across her territory to attack Greece in the direction of Salonica. But with Greece herself the position is different. If attacked she is assured of support by Great Britain and Turkey, and Turkey—whatever view she might take about marching to the help of Greece on land—is resolutely determined to defend her Thracian territory at all costs. The method of attacking Syria by way of the formidable Chataldja lines, the Straits, and the mountainous spaces of Asia Minor defended by the redoubtable Turks is hardly one that is likely to appeal to Hitler. The Turks are full of confidence, and with reason. The extent to which they would be forced to help Greece on land must depend on the attitude of Russia, but there is nothing to suggest that Russia would have anything to gain by hindering Turkey in a mission useful also to herself; and recently there have been marked improvements in the relations between Moscow and Angora. It appears to be possible for Germany to extend her sphere of influence in the Balkans and even to add to her conquests, bloodless or otherwise; but to do so, if the Allies play their part together well, will not neces- sarily take her much further towards winning the major war.