25 OCTOBER 1963, Page 19


SIR,—Mr. Southam writes, apparently, without knowledge that the six improvements in the measures taken by London Transport to accelerate bus traffic were introduced after a study of the methods which Glasgow Corporation Transport have had in operation for some years.

Landon Transport have not, it seems, adopted a seventh improvement of which Glasgow bus-drivers are very proud. Old age pensioners here have the privilege of riding at reduced fares at times when no one else wishes to travel. These old and often infirm people are then able to enjoy being knocked senseless inside buses, or on to their hands and knees outside, by the sudden accelerations which the drivers are so expert in making at the precise moment during embarkation or alighting when passengers are off balance.

Although not yet an old age pensioner I was, not long ago, presented with, as it were, an advance of a set of bruised ribs by this method, which I was able to live happily with for six whole weeks.