25 OCTOBER 1963, Page 19

Sia,—Your paper, a veritable bastion of Conserva- tism, seemed as

good a place as any to put the record straight. What grisly motive, and there have been

some sinister suggestions, have 1 for standing against the late Lord Home at Kinross? It's all very simple.

I am going there with one purpose only, albeit a serious one, to try and strike a small blow for democ- racy, so that people can protest against the farce of recent weeks. My platform is straightforward. I shall simply ask the good souls of Kinross (1) if they are entirely happy with the strange circumstances sur- rounding Home's descent to the Premiership and (2) if they feel at all that to that end they are being manipulated like puppets by a small group of poli- ticians in the distant wastes of Whitehall.

If they feel that Home was not the popular choice, and Macmillan knows he wasn't, and if they also wish

to have no part in furthering a small clique's jiggery- poker, I am asking them not to abstain, not to vote Labour, Liberal, Scots Nationalist or Birch Grove Reactionary—that they can do in six months—but to vote for me, and the size of my vote will represent their protest.

Home will undoubtedly get in. But if I can make a dent in his majority, that small blow for democracy will have been struck, and I can leave serious politics to the professionals and go back with some relief to the jokes.