25 OCTOBER 1963, Page 20

DR. ERHARD'S HOME TOWN SIR,—I refer to the article by

Sarah Gainham, 'The Second Chancellor,' in the Spectator on October I1.

Line five reads: 'Fuerst im Walde.' I want to draw your attention to the fact that it ought to read: 'Furth in Bayern' or 'Fuerth in Bayern' respectively: 'Fuerth/Bavaria,' which is the home- town of Professor Dr. Ludwig Erhard. Fuerth/ Bavria is situated near, i.e. at the west of, Nuremberg. The distance between the town hall of Fuerth and the town hall of Nuremberg is about six kilometres or about three and a half miles.

'Fuerst im Walde' does not exist but 'Furth im Wald' does, which also is a town in Northern Bavaria; it is situated at the border of Bavaria and Czechoslovakia. The distance between Furth im Wald and Nuremberg is about 160 kilometres or about ninety-five miles.

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