25 OCTOBER 1975, Page 3

, Holland and the NEB

Sir: Stuart Holland has been responsible for quite a lot of the thinking in the Labour Party on the National Enterprise Board. And, surprise, surprise, we find him producing a long article in The Spectator on "global capitalism and British socialism" in which he finds salvatiOn forth is country in compulsory Planning agreements, a tough NEB and "an integrated national plan." I hope this is not an indication that The Spectator is going to move on corporatist lines: Because Labour's new plans which Mr Holland is putting forward will make Mussolini's IRI look like a liberal organisation. Not only are the hundred top comPanies to be dragooned into planning agreements, and made inefficient thereby, but their directors may be fired at the whim of the NEB commissars. Admittedly they have not yet suggested that the directors should be put in Political camps!

George Loftus 78 Carlton Avenue East, Preston Road, Wembley, Middlesex