25 SEPTEMBER 1936, Page 20


cOnsidering the ;German clainis to colonies, the attitude of the former to Non-Aryans must not be forgotten. The German outlook with regard to colonies differs from that of this entititty'and of Itidy, hi so' far that it has no can- &Skin 'Of the value of the natives from any- point of view except as utensils which shall supply-law material cheaply and enable GerMany to be self-supporting. There is no idea- of these natives gaining any of the benefits of German civilisation or 'having any ))leiceln Catlike. -Admitting that economically there is not a great deal to be said for the possession of colonies, the German Claims can best, be -under- stood in accordance with -the .plans for increasing. the birth. rate, although at the same time colonies are demanded on .grounds of over-population.

There can be no question of 'Hitler working for peace through • the League of Nations when modern Germans believe in the establishment of a new European order which it -is their destiny to found. The " German. legend " is becoming one of -the -most vital -forces that the-world- has ever seenbeside which the spirit that holds together the British Empire might- seem to consist purely- of self-interest. Again this new Germany is to include all -the Germans now cut off from the-" Fatherland by the frontiers imposed at Versailles, "while the Balkan races will occupy a position similar to that of the African natives.

The .French nation is declining in power and numbers ; since the War Great Britain. has played a more important part in European affairs than ever before. But in the. new order that Hitler foresees, this country will have to_ give place to Germany. •In_the spirit_ in which our Empire was founded we must devote ourselves to commerce and to com- bating the menace of Japan and Communism in the E' -s1. In the meanwhile Germany, supreme. in Europe and estab- lished in Africa, will secure, in , alliance with Italy, that we occupy a position fitting, for..-",a nation of shopkeepers.H.

Yours faithfully, . A. M. Bruit-. Woodhant Grenge,-Horsell, Woking.