25 SEPTEMBER 1936, Page 3

Christianity and Communism Rightly or wrongly it is comnionly assumed

that there is more likelihood of Conimunism gaining a foothold in this country than any forin of Fascism. That it makes a definite appeal to men and 'women of university age, both at the universities and outside them, is well estab- lished. It is preached with a certain religious fervour, and in various not negligible circles it assumes the form of a rival creed to Christianity. From that point of view in particular the claims of CommuniSM demand examina- tion and discussion, and The Spectator will next week begin publication of a series of articles on the subject. The first, by Professor Ernest Barker, of Cathbridge, is , entitled " Rival Faiths," and subsequent contri- butors include the Dean of St Paul's, John Strachey, Dr. Joseph Needham, Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr and Canon F. R. Barry, who will conclude the series with an article on " A Revolutionary Christianity." The Spectator will Also publish within the -next few weeks four articles from Moscow by Dr. Haden GneSt, on contemporary aspects of Russian life, and four by AldOirs Huxley on " Propa- ganda Secular and Religious." -