25 SEPTEMBER 1942, Page 12

Sm,—One important fact with regard to the Indian political situation

has been passed over. A communiqué issued by the Madras Government states that, from information in their possession, it is clear that the respon- sibility for the numerous acts of violence committed rests with the Con- gress Working Committee; they were not, as the Indian Press tried to make out, mere outbursts of hooliganism. Documents showed that the Andhra Provincial Congress Committee issued instructions as to the methods by which the civil disobedience campaign was to be conducted; these included the destruction of railway property, the removal of rails, the demolition of bridges, the cutting of telephone and telegraph wires, the intimidation of police and other Government officers in order to force them to resign, and the hindering of the war effort. Similar in- structions were issued by the Tamil Districts Committee. They were prepared before the meeting of the All-India Congress Committee in Bombay on August 7th, and the Madras Government has no doubt that they onginated with that body. This effectively disposes of the myth about non-violence; and if this is not helping the enemy as effectively as any quisling has done in Europe, what is?—Yours faithfully, H. G. RAWLINSON.