25 SEPTEMBER 1942, Page 13

Slit, May I comment on your Note on this subject?

The Act was ,passed to prevent a repetition of the General Strike. Is it wise to put the weapon of a General Strike back again in the hands of the T.U.C.? You say that since the strike " the whole trend of Trade Unionism has been away from the unconstitutional to the constitutional." That may be so, but it is a trend that may at any time be reversed. Mr. Asquith said some wise things on this subject in his speech of October isth, 1926, at Greenock. Let me quote a few words: " The General Strike . . . was an offence of the gravest kind against both law and morals.... There is a tendency, I regret to see, to look back upon the General Strike as a trivial and transient incident—a short- lived and more or less picturesque adventure. There could not be a worse example of distorted political perspective."

If we restore the weapon we shall be inviting its use. And if the T.U.C. does not want to use the weapon, why give it back to them?—I am, Sir, your obedient servant, H. M. SANDERS. West Quantoxhead, Taunton, Somerset.