25 SEPTEMBER 1942, Page 2

Colonials in Britain

Lord Cranborne, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, has taken a wise step in appointing an advisory committee on the welfare of colonial people in the United Kingdom. Lord Listowel is the chairman, and he will be supported by some highly qualified non-official as well as official members. The Government has not hesitated in war-time to proceed with a much-needed progressive policy in regard to administration and social conditions in the Colonial Empire ; and if this is to have its full effect, it is most important that a right impression of our purpose shall be made on the minds of colonials who visit this country, whether in an official or unofficial capacity. Unfortunately, the results have again and again been the reverse of what they should be. There have been . cases, for example, of workers and technicians from the West Indies who have come to this country full of zeal for the British and Allied cause, and have been deeply disappointed by their reception here. We cannot afford to preach democracy on the one hand, with all that it implies of human equality, and on the other let people of the coloured races conclude that the colour bar sets a gulf between them and us. The advisory committee have a difficult and delicate task to perform, and it is to be hoped that their work will find wide and generous support.