25 SEPTEMBER 1942, Page 20

Christopher's Book. By Mevula Salaman. (The Cresset Press. 6s.1

ANY child would enjoy this book, but it will appeal especially, to the four to nine-year-olds. Its primary purpose is obviously to delight, but it also gives combined instruction in the three R's. There ire 5o pages, of which the left-hand ones only are numbered from 1-25, and each has an appropriate legend, some involving problems such as " Five horses have twenty legs "; some cryptic, "Eleven cricketers "; some traditional, " Eight maids a milking." The drawings wander over the page, but remain clear and unconfused. The right-hand pages are even better ; they have coloured drawings so excellently reproduced that they look like real crayon drawings— with the advantage that they do not smudge. These pages give the letters of the alphabet and some brief reading matter : plain and straightforward as " Jj for Jam," or narrative, even lyrical; as " Ss is a sailor in a ship on the salt stormy sea, a sleek seal, a sea serpent and a seagull screaming." This book is wholly delightful ; there is no waste space and the production is admirable. It is a book for aunts to give and nieces and nephews to receive.