26 FEBRUARY 1972, Page 7

Anti-market leader

I don't much mind the TV and press deliberately excluding anti-Market news, and deliberately playing down the efforts and impact of anti-Market MPs. That, after all, is to be expected when the majority of the press and the majority of the TV news bulletins are so slanted towards the EEC. What I do object to, though—again, particularly in view of last week's vote — is the failure of the newspapers and the TV to give credit where credit is due in the anti-Market camp. I refer particularly to the general unwillingness to give full, sufficient and worthy coverage to Neil Marten, the MP for Banbury, who has throughout been the most effective, most intelligent, and most consistent antiMarketeer. Enoch Powell, after all, was once pro-Market: Marten has never been. He might well have had office in 1970 if he had agreed to change his coat — but he refused to do so. No other major political figure has been as determined as he has been; and none has had—particularly through his effectiveness at Prime Minister's questions—done more to make the and-Market cause carry through Conservative politics, The electors of Banbury are lucky to have so principled and determined a member, the Conservative party lucky to have someone who can lift their sights beyond immediate party interest, and the country lucky to have so intelligent and committed a patriot