26 JULY 1940, Page 12

The Year Turns The year turns, and rain brings a

sudden touch of autumn to the July countryside. The first plums, Early Rivers, are ripe for cooking ; dewberries are heavily bloomed with purple. It is possible once more to spend an hour or two in the mushroom- field. A few chrysanthemums show buds before their time; the regimental companies of zinneas are magnificent ; on the bowed branches of the almond-trees the nuts hang like greco tez peaches. From the tawny masses of the helenium daisies there j5 a sudden royal flickering of Red Admirals ; the tiger-lilies are un- furling exotically. There is a strange quietness in bird-life . once, during an air-raid, there is still another sign of auta High up against the dangerous white clouds, and for a sec, very like a mass formation of bombers, gathers the first flotlt