26 JULY 1940, Page 15


Sta,—Ther,:. are today in this country democratic Governments or National Committees, representing the free peoples of France, Bel- gium, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and C.zecho-Slovakia. (The Government of Ethiopia will, it is to be hoped, shortly be re-established in its rightful scat.) There are also in this country representatives of the free peoples of Germany and of Italy. Would not a useful pur- pose be served if these representatives formed a joint organisation for mutual support .and for co-operation with the British Parliament? They represent countries which, it is true, have been in conflict in the past and will doubtless be in conflict in the future • but these conflicts have not been so insoluble that they could not be peacefully settled. These representatives have indeed a common devotion to the principle that international differences shall not be settled by war. They are bound together and to us by the common determination to subdue the evil forces which would bring death not only to their persons but also to their cherished beliefs,.

Some day, when victory is won, there must be some organised co-operation between free peoples to prevent or to suppress attacks upon their freedom ; why should not the foundations of that co-opera- tion be laid now in free Britain? Why should not the seed be sown in adversity, that the harvest may be ready for the reaping when the

time is ripe?—Yours, &c. LEONARD F. BEHRENS. Netherby, Didsbury, Manchester.