26 JULY 1940, Page 2

Japan's New Cabinet

The full implications of the change of Government in Japan have still to be revealed. While the new Cabinet is described as more pro-Axis than its predecessor, and military influence is certainly dominant, it is to be gathered from a broadcast to the nation by the Prime Minister, Prince Ronoe, on Tuesday that direct association with no European Power is desired. Rela- tions between Japan and each of the Great Powers of the world are to be considered severally. The programme of the new Government contains three main planks, reform of the Political structure to eliminate Liberalism, Socialism and democracy generally; economic reconstruction on stringent lines ; and more armaments and military development. On the whole the response to German solicitations has been less cordial than Berlin perhaps anticipated and certainly desired. The tem- porary settlement between Great Britain and the outgoing Japanese Government regarding the Burma Road of course still stands, though the more closely it is examined the more unsatisfactory it appears. We are agreeing to stop the perfectly legitimate importation of arms by China at a time when we ourselves depend almost for our survival on the importation of arms from the United States, and we have made this abnormal and disquieting concession for no quid pro quo at all except. presumably, some assurance that Japan will refrain from an open expression of hostility towards us. And her abstinence from that may not be eternal.