26 JUNE 1936, Page 18

[To the Editor of TILE SPECTATOR.] SIR, --You propose in your

esteemed paper to close Jewish immigration for some time, hoping thus to pacify the Arabs. May I, as an old inhabitant of this country, remind you of the riots in 1921 and 1929 that were always followed by an interruption of Jewish immigration ? It never pacified this country; on the contrary, the population is led to believe that they only have to stage some murders and arsons and Great Britain will yield to their demands.

Is it not time to show that Great Britain is only led by reason and right ? Besides, if Government would now comply to this demand it could lead to new riots on the side of the despaired Jews, but never stop the Arab riot.. And there is one more feature in this case perhaps not so well known to the English reader : the so-called Arab leaders have lost the rest of their influence over the mob, they have no possibility whatsoever to promise the cessation of crime ; there is nobody now with whom to negotiate seriously and who could give the least binding promise. Therefore first pacify the country by authority.—Believe me to be, &c.,