26 MARCH 1898, Page 26

Captain Kid's Millions. By Alan Oscar. (Chapman and Hall.)—The first

part of the story is told by a descendant of the great pirate, who, holding King William III.'s commission for a private man-of-war, becomes involved in various scrapes and turtle pirate himself. An old Spaniard who has reached a fabulous age, addresses the young man as if he were his old comrade, and makes over to him the treasure cypher. The personality of the great pirate in some remarkable manner seems to have been revived in his descendant—at least so the young man thinks. The air of adventure and a truly piratical flavour pervade the story, which has the tone and fascination of the seventeenth century. The second part of the book describes a more modern expedition for the purpose of finding the treasure, and is fall of incident and distinctly exciting. This is a good story with some really strong scenes in