26 MAY 1939, Page 3

The New Spain The triumph of the new Spain was

celebrated last week in Madrid by a victory march of Spanish, German, Italian and Moorish troops ; in a speech following the march General Franco made no mention of the services of the foreign troops, but on Sunday he visited Leon to attend a march past of the German " Condor " Legion, which is ex- pected to leave immediately for Germany. Italian troops also have been leaving in small detachments ; but embark- ation on a large scale will not begin before the first week in June. General Franco's victory speech warned certain "foreign Powers" and "foreign agents "• that they would not be allowed to " encircle " Spain and fetter her new in- dependence by economic means, that is, no doubt, by offering loans and negotiating concessions ; yet this can hardly be a final reply to such offers, as Franco's need of financial assistance is pressing and cannot be satisfied by the Axis Powers. Indeed, the new Spain will not precisely enjoy its triumph; paradoxically, one of the first results of victory in Nationalist territory has been the introduction of food rationing. The tasks of peace will be harder for General Franco than those of war ; it is not surprising that he promises his subjects a regime of hard work, discipline, self- sacrifice and austerity.