26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 1


THE Italian Government has proved unequal to the situation it had itself created. After a hesitation of some days, Napoleon decided that be could not afford to let France think Italy inde- pendent, and threatened a second occupation. Rattazzi accepted the threat, and retorted that he should proceed to Rome, where- upon the Emperor declared that in that case he must, however reluctantly, impose terms at Florence. Rattazzi's friends and the Florentine correspondent of the Times assert that he would still have gone on, but his master intervened. Victor Emanuel is more than fifty, and like every member of his House after that age, he is anxious about his "soul," and indisposed to push the Papacy to extremities. He took the matter into his own hands, telegraphed his submission to Paris, issued a manifesto preaching patience, and called Cialdini to the helm. The French troops who had embarked were re-landed, Cialdini formed a Ministry of deter- mined men without much political speciality, including Rudini, the noble who showed such pluck and capacity as Prefect of Palermo, the Gariba.ldian committees were arrested, and the insur- gents losing heart matters in Italy remain for the moment as they were, with this difference, that every Italian is now a Republican and an enemy to France. We have endeavoured, with the aid of information we have never found incorrect, to describe the trans- action elsewhere, and need only express here our profound belief that bad Victor Emanuel seized Civita Vecchia, not a French soldier would have sailed. Marshal Niel does not invade great nations with ten thousand men.