26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 2

The Council of the Reform League is divided against itself

upon the question of Fenianism. • At a meeting of that body on Wednesday, a letter was read from the President, Mr. Beales, con- demning the Fenian movement as a "sanguinary and abortive" resort to physical force. The letter excited a perfect storm of disapproval, Mr. Lucraft, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Odgers, and several more of the Trades' leaders affirming that Ireland was trodden down, and that her people lad a right to employ physical force, Mr. Odgers even recommending the Irish to "knock down some of their rulers, whether in the way of Hyde Park railings or not, he did not know." The letter was finally received, but not en- dorsed by the League, and the dispute will probably have two not altogether bad effects. It will induce a great number of retire- ments from the League, which has done its work, and should go to bed quietly, and it will convince statesmen that justice to Ireland will not be actively resisted by the new Parliament.