26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 2

There has been a dispute in the City about the

Lord Mayor's show. The great merchants want it abolished as a nuisance, and Alderman Allen, who does not see the " dignity " of riding through London in an absurd gilt van, is willing to restrict the ceremonial to decent proportions. The Common Council, how- ever, will not have the innovation, and have voted by a majority of 41 to 16 that the gilt van shall be retained. Some of the arguments used in defence of the procession were of the oddest kind, one councilman actually asserting that the procession exer- cised a high moral effect on the minds of young men, and another inveighing against the " money-grubbing " spirit of the age ! The easiest compromise would be to change the show into a pro- cession by torchlight, which would be twice as effective, and would not interfere with the ordinary business of the City. Order could be maintained as easily as during an illumination, and London, instead of losing one of the "sights" of which she has so few, would gain a new one.