26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 23

Maya Papers about Paris. By Henry T. Tuckerman. (Low, Son,

and Marston.)—As the title of this book implies, it contains some map- sine papers on the subject of the French capital. On such productions, when they appear before us in a collected form, we are necessarily somewhat fastidious. And if so, Mr. Tuckerman does not come up to the standard. It is true that he has "noticed" a great deal—as mothers and nurses say of children. The amount of small details with which his articles are crammed boars witness to his industry and his observa- tion, to his curiosity as a traveller, and his skill as a magazinist. But when we have said this we have not said much, and it is not our wish to say much with regard to Mr. Tuckerman's sketches. A little more accuracy in the use of French phrases and in the observance of the rules of French grammar would be an improvement, but there are no glaring mistakes, and some of those we have noticed may be the work of the printer. What we miss in Mr. Tuokerman is rather that positive merit without which a well worn subject ought not to be approached.