26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 23

Sermons from the Studio. By Maria Sibree. With an Introduction

by the Rev. T. W. Aveling. (Jackson, Watford, and (Jo.)—The title of this volume is inappropriate ; the introduction is calculated to mislead the reader. The connection between religion and art is a grand sub- ject, not to be lightly discussed, but Miss Sibree, who is, we are told, an artist as well as an authoress, endeavours to point out this connection, and as divines say to improve the occasion, in a number of brief tales, two or three of which are founded upon fact. The stories are gracefully written, they are marked by good feeling and refined taste, and the moral conveyed by them is unexceptionable. Sermons from the Studio is indeed a very pretty story-book, and as such deserves praise, but we ale not think it fulfils in any degree the high aim claimed for it in the preface.