26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 3

The dealings in National Stocks this week, both for money

and time, have been only moderate ; nevertheless, the quotations have had an upward tendency. On Monday, Consols were done at 93f to f ; yesterday, they closed at 94f to f. Reduced and New Three per Cents., 92f to f . India Stock, 220 to 223; India Five per Cents., 113f to 114. Bank Stock, 247 to 249; Exchequer Bills, 27s. to 30s. prem. India Bonds, 62s. to 67s. prem. With the exception of Italian stock, the foreign market has ruled steady. Railway Shares have somewhat advanced in value, but most other securities have been neglected. Money has been in moderate request, at I per cent. for prime paper. The 'stock of bullion in the Bank of England is 22,786,5661.; in the Bank of France, 36,765,006/.