26 OCTOBER 1867, Page 3

The November meteors are to be most brilliant this year

in America, on the night between the 13th and 14th of November. It seems that the American display of celestial fireworks takes place usually the year after the European, the American in 1799, 1833, and 1867; the European in 1798, 1832, and 1866. We shall have, however, Sir John Herschel thinks, the edge of the show, of which we had the full enjoyment last year. For us, however, the meteoric shower would be the most brilliant just before sunrise at 7.30 a.m., on the morning of the 14th, when it will be too light to see falling stars well. In America, however, it will be many hours before dawn when the earth is at the middle of the shower, and there Sir John Herschel expects that there should be a repetition of the brilliant sight seen by Humboldt in Mexico in 1799.