26 SEPTEMBER 1829, Page 13



SIR ,—All persons who entertain a due sense of the wisdom of oussimeesfoisso and of the glorious Constitution under which we did prosper, will deeply sympa-. thise in the lamentations which in your last number you so feelingly, poured forth upon the deplorable condition to which the Protestant Sweepstakes .it this country have been reduced by the Jacobinical measure!. called Catholic Emancipation. Give me leave, however, Sir, to say, that you do not seem to have taken a suffi- ciently extensive view of the evil. You do not appear to have observathat the last St. Leger, won by the Catholic Mr. Petre, presented the third instance (and without any interruption) of the Saint's partiality for his co-religionist. It is worth observing, that Mr. Petre, for the Jesuitical purpose of distracting the pub- lic attention from his encroachments, has slyly allowed his b. c. to lose the Champagne Stakes to the b. c. of Mr. Forth. When you recollect, moreover, that the loser of the " Champagne" was a " Brunswicker,"* whilst the winner of the St. Leger had been educated in a Catholic stud, you will have no difficulty in understanding why Mr. Petre should repress the energy of the heretic for the purpose of exalting the fame of the Catholic colt. The man that can see no danger in these signs of the times and of the turf, is already half-way towards Popery and slavery. For myself, I can conscientiously say " liberavianimantmeam."