26 SEPTEMBER 1829, Page 9

SAD NEWS FOR COCKNEY-LAND.—The Brighton Gazette tells us all about

the King and the theatres, the court and the fashions of London ; but the Glasgow courier goes deeper into the matter. He has been inspecting the interiors of our mansions, prying into our lar- ders, criticising the condition of our " kail-pots," and cross-examining our cooks. The result is awful ! Let John Bull read and tremble!- " We ask those wise heads who lecture us from the Strand, London, if this is not the state of the metropolis—we call upon them to contradict the facts we state, namely, that there are at present many thousands of individuals in respectable ranks and respectable business in London, who are struggling to pay their way* by stinting themselves and their families of food and raiment, and who instead of having, as formerly, butcher-meat in their houses daily, =now. scarcely aff ird to taste it, and that in reduced quantity, on Sunday."

We are one of the wise heads in question, and for the comfort of our friends in the country we beg to " contradict the facts" stated, and to affirm that the people "in respectable ranks, and respectable business in London" addict themselves to " butcher-meat," Sunday and work- day, just as they used to do.

* Queue "pave their way ?"—the Strand is very bad just now.—Prinler's Devil.