27 AUGUST 1948, Page 14

Scythe - Bearers

The present harvesting is remarkable for the acreage that can only be reaped by scythe or sickle. Farmers have had trouble to find men capable of using the scythe ; and on one farm in my neighbourhood the situation has been saved only by the very expert labour of German prisoners. The scythe is still much used in most parts of Europe ; and we still need it in Britain. There is always a demand for such hand-mowing—in orchards, paddocks, gardens, links and road and railway margins ; and each year a good amount of useful hay is lost because no man with a scythe can be found to cut it. Here and there are country dwellers who have taken to keeping goats as an alternative ; and indeed both goats and geese can be very useful and even lucrative grazers.