27 AUGUST 1948, Page 17

" THE FRUITS OF LAMBETH" Snl,-1 wish to draw attention

to two errors in your otherwise admirable article on the Lambeth Conference. You state that a "preponderant majority" held that "Bishops and clergy consecrated or ordained in the Church of South India should be accepted as such throughout the Anglican Communion, a minority, not rejecting that doctrine, but suspending judge- ment." Resolution 54 in the Report of the Conference declares these divergent views as being held by "a majority" and a " substantial minority."

The Encyclical Letter is to be read on Sunday, October 10th, in all churches of the Anglican Communion, not October 14th as stated in your Bucks Hill House, Kings Langley, Herts.

[The phrase " preponderant majority " was used advisedly ; it is, of course, not inconsistent with the language of Resolution 54. " Octo- ber 14th " was a regrettable slip. It should, as stated above, be "October 10th."—En., The Spectator.]