27 AUGUST 1948, Page 17


Snt,—Dr. Lamprides, in her letter of August 20th, contrasts the luxury of the rich with the near-starvation of the poor Greeks in order to voice a plea for Communism. Mr. Arthur Koestler, in a recent article widely publicised in the American Press, utters a warning against such specious propaganda. In fact, the ruthless tactics employed by the Communists, such as sabotage of the water supplies of large towns, mining of country roads, placing booby-traps in stooks of corn and burning unprotected villages, are part of a deliberate campaign to pauperise the country and prepare ground in which their loathsome ideology may flourish. It is not the rich who are the first to suffer, but the poor, over whom she sheds her crocodile tears.—I am, Sir, your obedient servant,