27 AUGUST 1948, Page 17


Stat,—I always look forward to and enjoy so much Mr. Harold Nicolson's article Marginal Comment that I was rather disappointed to read his impressions of the Olympic Games. Such an international event surely

calls for more appreciation than he has given to it. Tremendous enthusiasm has been shown throughout by both competitors and spectators, and many thousands have had real enjoyment and relaxation as a conse- quence. Surely this must be a good thing, however sober-minded many of us may have become. The peoples of the world are continually harassed and faced with serious problems causing constant anxiety and tension ; so that this brief spell showing the lighter side of human activities has been a very welcome diversion.

I think there is some reason for optimism in the fact that so soon after a world war, with its destruction and hate, representatives of fifty-nine nations can meet in this English land of ours and compete together in these games in such a gay and friendly spirit. The uncrualified success of such a gigantic undertaking is in itself a tribute to those responsible, and from beginning to end it has been a miracle of timing and organisation. To me it is a shining proof of the resilience of the human race that has made possible the Olympic Games of 1948.—I am, yours truly,