27 AUGUST 1948, Page 2

A New Stage in Greece

The news of the clearance of the Greek rebels from the Grammos mountains was accompanied, as usual, by reports of their reappear- ance at other points along the Greek-Albanian border and of arson and sabotage elsewhere inside Greece. But there can be no mis- taking the fact that " General " Markos has suffered his worst blow so far. His forces are more than ever a stage army, driven to keep up the illusion of numbers by a more rapid march• across the scene. His support from the north, which has in any case weakened in recent months, is unlikely to be renewed indefinitely, especially now that Albania and Yugoslavia find themselves on opposite sides in the Communist family quarrel. The United Nations Special Com- mittee on the Balkans have confirmed over and over again the assist- ance given by Greece's northern neighbours to the rebels. Their latest report appeared only last week. Encouraged by success, the Greek Army will undoubtedly deal with further irruptions with in- creased speed and dash. The continuous task of maintaining order which properly belongs to the armed Greek police is being reduced to reasonable dimensions. The restoration of economic order is be- coming possible, as well as urgently necessary, now that a certain amount of peaceful activity can go on in the countryside. But why should the United Nations not play its part at last ? It must show itself to be an effective body some day, and surely there was never a more obvious opportunity. The case against Greece's northern neighbours is fully documented. What are we waiting for ?