27 AUGUST 1948, Page 4

The achievements of English cricket in the Test Matches reach

their climax in the annexation of the county championship by Wales—even though Wales doesn't really reckon to play cricket any more than Scot- land. But Glamorgan's success will be universally popular, par- ticularly by those who remember how little justification there seemed to be in the early 'twenties for exalting this presumptuous county to the realm of first-class cricket. Glamorgan this year has a singu- larly well-balanced side. It would almost be true, but not quite, to say that it contains no front-rank cricketers ; but almost every man can make runs, though few can make centuries ; every man can field brilliantly, and one or two like the quinquagenarian (I am sorry about this word, but I can't help it) J. C. Clay and Muncer can bowl brilliantly. The Glamorgan captain, Wilfred Wooller, is playing for Gentlemen v. Australians. His batting form perhaps barely justifies it, but he lost no time in demonstrating that his bowling and fielding form did.

* * * *