27 AUGUST 1983, Page 17

The price of Dr Johnson

Sir: Your reviewer's unexceptionable survey (30 July) of Dr Johnson as a lexicographer was marred in the ultimate paragraph by his evident ignorance of book production.

The production, considering there are some 2500 pages involved, is of a •good standard and is not shoddy. (The cover material, by the way, is not plastic, it is cloth.) What I am sure the vast majority of Dr Johnson fans will be delighted with is that they can now buy a facsimile of his masterpiece at £45. I am sure that this is more important to them than a leather binding or some other such gimmick and charging, as your reviewer suggests, £90b1.

For his further information, a edition of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary .eosts about £1,500.

Barry Winkleman

Times Books Ltd, 16 Golden Square, London WI