27 AUGUST 1983, Page 29



Raymond Keene

Many congratulations to Jonathan Mestel, who took his second national title in the Grieveson Grant British Cham- pionship at Southport with 81/2/11. This result, combined with his brilliant perfor- mance at Plovdiv, must have catapulted him into third place (behind Miles and Nunn) in our team. Murray Chandler was second with 8, while third prize was shared by Botterill, Hodgson, Watson, Rogers and Johansen (these last two Australian) on 71/2. The disappointing score of the other participating GM, Jon Speelman, (61/2) can doubtless be attributed to health problems.

The substantial Commonwealth entry made it much simpler for several of our young players to achieve International Master norms, a chance duly seized by Bradbury, Cummings, Lawton and Horner. Unfortunately, GM norms were not available this year (as they were for the first time in 1982) since Chandler's GM title will not be ratified until October, and a minimum of 3 CMs is necessary for events to count in this respect.

• The most successful woman player in the British Championship is now awarded the Commonwealth Ladies' title, and con-' gratulations too, to Sheila Jackson, on be- ing the first holder. Ms Hamid of Bangladesh and Ms Milligan jointly won the separate British Ladies' Championship.

Chequers Competition No.2: Report White to play.

There was a large response for our second competition including analysis from the 1951 British Champion and a (correct) entry postmarked Wakefield, West Yorkshire, but, alas, with no further clues as to the en- trant's identity or address. The winner of the £200 prize is Frances Williams, 17 Lif- ford St, London SW15, whose name was the first to be drawn from a giant Mexican sombrero at the Chequers Cafe last Friday. The basic answer I had been looking for was: 1 Rxe6 Nxc7 2 Re7+ Kh6 3 Nf7 + Kh5 4 Rxd7 and 5 Bdl mate. 4 Bdl+ also wins. Alternatively, 1 Rxe6 Kfli 2 Rxf6 + Ke7 3 Ne4! Nxc7 4 Rf7 + Ke8 5 Nd6 mate.

Chequers Competition No. 3 Just send the key first move in each of the following two positions on a postcard to reach me at the Spectator by 16 September. Remember, clubs also can enter. The first correct entry drawn from the sombrero at Chequers Café on 17 September at midday, wins £200. Spectators will be welcome.

Position A Black to play. Position B Black to play.