27 DECEMBER 1963, Page 14


SIR,—Mr. Stanley Uys in his article of December 13, writes With a fatalism which now seems to character- ise almost all white South Africans, even those opposed to Dr. Vermierd and his regime. The myth of the 'Granite Man,' somehow invincible, extracts even a sneaking admiration from those who, though well-informed, are brow-beaten into defeatism.

Everybody inside as well as outside South Africa poses the question of not how or when it will end, but can it end? One and three quarter million Afrikaners hold the world to ransom, and the world to too befuddled and paralysed to act.

Surely the end bulges under the very noses of those speculating. Already Chou En-lai travels the breadth and almost the length of Africa. Russia will respond; so will the US; so will Britain; all ready to intervene in the Republic's dipastrous affairs. The important question now is surely who will help and who will hinder the downfall of arrogant white supremacy in South Africa.