27 JULY 1850, Page 12

Sontag maintains her supreme position, beyond rivalry, among the tuneful

sisters of both establishments. After the strain of so many lead- ing performances, she played this week in La Tempesta and Il Barhiere with powers apparently as unfired as if it had been only the commence- ment of the season. Her benefit was on Thursday. Renewing, on be- half of art and taste, our standing protest against mutilated performances of great operas even on benefit-nights, we acknowledge that we greatly enjoyed Madame Sontag's twofold representation that evening, though of course preferring the Roshm to the Semiramide. In the former, she seemed to surpass the old marvels of her unparalleled execution. From the Semiramide, presented in detached portions, we expected less : but, in her royal robes, Sontag looked right queenlike, and her action was noble. The grand vocal effort, the "Bel raggio," was a splendid display. Though the season is so far advanced, Her Majesty's Theatre has sel- dom been more crowded than it was, not only at Sontag's benefit, but on Tuesday for the Tangesta.