27 JULY 1850, Page 19


On the 15th July, at Kilbride Manor, county of Wicklow, the Wife of Richard Moore, Esq. of a son. On the 21A, at Blackadder, Lady lloustoun Boswell, of a son. On the 21st, Mrs. Medd, of Tiptree Hall, near Kelvedon, Essex, of a son, stillborn. On the 22d, at the Admiralty. Lady Arabella Baring, of a son. On the 22d, at Nunlands, Berwickshire, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Delta, of a daughter.


On the 20th May, at the Residency Chapel, Hyderabad, Captain G. F. C. Fitz- Gerald, Bengal Artillery, attached to the Nizam's service, to Matilda, the only daughter of Lieutenant-General Hastings Fraser, of her Mqiesty's service.

On the 4th July, at Windsor, Nova Scotia, the Rev. John Bainbridge Smith, M.A., late of St. John's College, Cambridge. and Vice-President and Professor of King's College, Windsor, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. J. B. Smith, of Homcastle, to Emma Maria, fourth daughter of the lion. Mr. Justice Haliburton, of Clifton, near the same place. On the 16th, at Fells, J. Sandara. Esq., M.P. to the Lady Virginia Taylour, youngest daughter of the Marquis of Headfort, On the 18th, at Gloucester, James Borrett, Esq., M.D., of Great Yarmouth, to Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Smart Hughes, 13.0., Canon of Peterborough and Vicar of Edgewarc. On the 18th, at Enfield, William Thornhill, younger son of John Cator, Esq., Of Beckenham Place, Kent, to Frances Julia, eldest daughter of Robert Sayer, Esq., of Pierrepont Lodge, Surrey.

On the 22d, at St. Marylebone Church, Andrew Crosse, Esq., of Fyne Court, Somersetshire, to Cornelia Augusta Hewett Berkeley, eldest daughter of F. H. Berkeley, Esq., Dixfleld, Exeter. On the 23d, at Finstock Church, Oxfordshire, the Rev. Havillard De Saumarez, M.A., Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford, Rector of St. Peter's, Northampton, to the Hon. Elizabeth Charlotte Spencer, youngest daughter of the late Lord Churchill. Gn the 23d, at Paris, at the British Embassy, Isabella Frederica, daughter of Colonel Granville Eliot, to Richard Welby, Esq., late of Welbourne flail, Lincoln-

On the 24th, at St. George's. Hanover Square, Colonel Robert Blucher Wood. C.13., to Constantia, youngest daughter of Colonel the Hon. Henry Cecil Lowther, M.P.


On the 22d May, at Bangalore, Major John Percy Rice, of U.M Fifty-arst (or King's Own) Light Infantry, second son of the late Bev. John Morgan Rice. On the LAI July, in South Audley Street, the Rev. Thomas Owen, Rector of

Hodgeston, and Vicar of Llanstadwell, Pembrokeshire, for many years one of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the same county; in his 64th year. On the 16th, at The Hall, Tm i ford, the Dowager Lady White; n her 73d year. On the 16th, at Windsor, Vaptain Richard Copeland, of the Royal Navy, for upwards of ten years employed in command of her Majesty's ships Mastiff and Beacon, on the survey of the Grecian Archipelago, in which service, with a lament- able mortality of officers, his own constitution suffered so severely as eventually to sink under the effects of the previous influence of fatigue and climate; in his 59th year. On the 16th, in Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, Alfred Thorpe, Esq., son of the late Samuel Thorpe, Esq., of Walthamstow, many years senior member of the Cor- poration of London, and brother of the late Alderman Thorpe, M.P. On the 18th, at the Vicarage Willesden, the Rev. Henry John Knape, D.D.

Vicar, Sub-Dean of St. Paul's Vicarage, and Priest of her Majesty's Chapel Royal, St. James's.

On the 20th, in MorniRgton Crescent, Hampstead Road, Mrs. Harriet Moore ; in her 99th year. On the 21st, at Axminster, Emmeline, the Wife of Thomas Northmore, Esq., of Cleve, Devonshire, and daughter of the late Sir John Eden, Bart., of Windlestone, Durham.

On the 21st, at Monkstown, Dublin, Frederic Beckford Long, Esq., Inspector- General of Prisons ; in his 45th year. On the 23d, at Bosworth Park, Leicestershire, Sir Willoughby Wolaston Dixie, Bart. At Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, Penelope Isabella, the beloved Wife of John Burnett, Esq., High Sheriff of the Colony ; in her 65th year.