27 JULY 1850, Page 9


Monday, July 29. Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild : Adjourned debate, (at twelve o'clock.) Motion, "That from the earliest times of the existence of a Legislature in land, no man was ever admitted to take any part therein except underThE sanction of a Christian oath ; and that the Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild having requested to take the oaths on the Old Testament, and having, in con- sequence, been directed by Mr. Speaker to withdraw while the House delibere- t, this House refuses to alter the form of taking the oaths "—Sir Robert Harry Inglis. Amendment on the above, "That Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, one of the Members for the City of London, having presented himself at the table of the House, and having previously to taking the oaths requested to be sworn on the Old Testament, (being the form which he is ready to declare to be binding on his conscience,) the Clerk be directed to swear him on the Old Testament accordingly "—Mr. Osborne.

Mercantile Marine (No. 2) Bill : Third reading. Thirty-nine other Orders of the Day.

nesdao, July 30. Pauper Labour: Motion that it should be made productive—Mr. Puulett Scrape.

Post-office Communication with Paris, Ste. : To call atttntion to the report of the Select Committee—Mr. Mackinnon. Motion, " That, looking to the possibility of changes in the value of gold, like what took place in consequence of the discovery of America, it is expedient that the Chancellor of the Exchequer should be authorized to create a Secured Stock, with interest secured on the principle of a corn-rent ; the amount re- ceived fo such Secured Stock to be applied to the purchase of other stock to be thereupon extinguished ; the difference in the payments to be thenceforth made for the interest, Lobe carried to the public account "—Colonel Thompson.

Wednesday, Jay 31. Sunday Trading Prevention Bill : Committee.

Eight other Bills. Thursday, August 1. Sheep and Cattle Contagious Disorders Prevention Continu- ance Bill : Second reading.

Four other Bills.

Fridar August 2. Savings-Banks Bill: Second reading. Salop Duties (No. 2) Bill : Committee.