27 MARCH 1915, Page 1

It is, however, inadvisable to push these considerations any further

at present. The military authorities, who know ail the facts and not merely a portion of them, and on whom the responsibility rests, will do what they think right and will not be governed by newspaper strategists who, however alert their brains, are necessarily arguing from imperfect premieres. The fog of war is much denser at this moment than it has ever been before. We venture to say that outside the War Office and the Admiralty,

and perhaps we may add the inner circle of the Cabinet, there is now no one who really knows the true situa- tion or can tell how our military and naval forces are really disposed or of what they consist The only guess that we will hazard is that in all probability, and in spite of gloomy talk about the delay in equipment, these forces are very much stronger and in better case than the public imagines.