27 MARCH 1915, Page 15

[To Tee Elmo,. or Tea .. 5teCTaTee."1 SIR, —Referring to the letter

in last week's Spectator "-bout the Duke of Wellington's height, may I endorse the statement in the letter of "Seventy-eight "? As one of the few Bur. vivors of those who remember the Duke well (I was eighteen when he died, and had all my life lived in constant association with him), may I say his height was always said in the family to be 5 ft. 10 in. P In old age he stooped, but even then he never gave the impression of a small man—rather above middle height would be the most accurate description. His elder brother, Lord Mornington (my grandfather), was shorter than the Duke, but even be was not a small man—like Lord Roberts.—I am, Sir, de., Ross WILIOALL. Southwood, S. Lawrence, Ramsgate.